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Portal Questions and Answers
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How can I see Previous Progress Reports?

You can now see past term Progress Reports for the current school year by selecting "Previous Progress Reports" from the top right menu bar.  A new page will open showing all available reports by student and term.  Simply click "View" for the Term you need.  You will then see a window with all assignments quizzes and scores for that term.

I changed my email address over the summer.

How do I log in now?       

You can have your old account changed from an old email address to a new one by completing the Email Change Form.

Simply fill out the form and we will contact you to verify your identity then we will switch your email address linked to your Parent account.  Fill out the Email Change Form now!

Where is my Activation Letter?       

All schools in the Weber School District have already sent out Activation Letters.  Every family who has not activated an account over the past few years should have received an activation letter.  If you have not received an activation letter it is most likely because you already have an account.  To find out if you already have an account simply fill out the Password Reset form.  We will check to see if you have an account under that email and reset your password and email it to you.   Click here to reset password.

How do I set up automated emails?       

In MyWeber parents have the ability to set themselves to receive automated emails. 

To set automated emails log into MyWeber -https://www.wsdinfo.net/

Once you are logged in select "Preferences" from the top, right menu area. 

 Now on the left you will see a tab for "Profile" and "Notifications".  Select "Notifications".

 Now you can simply select the notifications by clicking on "No" to switch it to "Yes" and vice versa.

I changed my email and now I cannot log into MyWeber?    

Sorry for the inconvenience.  When you change you email we need to verify the new email address.  As soon as you change it we send an email to you to verify the new email address.  Your account is deleted after 24 hrs if we do not receive a response from the email verification. 

To fix this problem you need to create a new account.  If you still have your MyWeber Activation letter simply repeat the steps to create your account.  If you do not have the activation letter please call your school office and request a MyWeber Activation letter.  They can mail the letter to you.

If you would like it sooner you can visit your school office.  Remember you only need to call or visit one school.