Registration Forms

Registration Forms

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Required Documents for All new students and Kindergarten
                                                                   *Original birth certificate (a copy is made of the original document for their file.)
                                                                   *Address verification (utility bill, rental agreement or house payment)

**WSD Calendar**

Print these forms, fill them out, and return them to Bates Elementary Office.

**Student Information, Medical Information, Home Language Survey ~New STUDENTS ONLY~
**Acceptable Use Policy K-3
**Acceptable Use Policy 4-6
**Ethnicity and Race 
**Homless Page
**Records Request


Read the following WSD/Bates Elementary policies AND SIGN ON THE BACK of the  above student information form indicating that you have read them?

**Student Discipline Policy (Including Safe School Policy)

Kindergarten Registration Forms
(Kindergarten students need all the forms above in RED printed and
filled out or read for information along with the following forms in GREEN.)
Other Forms

**Special Services Form 6-7-16