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Bates Parking Lot Procedures for 2016-2017

Our number one priority at Bates is the safety of our children! Please help us by following these procedures when dropping off and picking up your children at school. These procedures apply to the front parking lot, the parking lot behind the school, at Mountain View Park, and on 3100 North. Please refer to the attached map of Bates Elementary for designated sidewalks (GRAY), crosswalks (YELLOW), parking stalls (WHITE), traffic flow (BLUE) and loading and unloading areas (RED).

     1.  Students will wait on the sidewalks (GRAY) until their parents arrive.

     2.  Parents must NEVER park or stop on the crosswalks (YELLOW). The crosswalks are for students or bus zones.

     3.  Loading and unloading areas are designated in (RED). Cars should NEVER be parked and or left unattended in these areas. 


     4.  The parking stalls in the parking lot are designated with (WHITE) lines.   We encourage parents to park in the stalls and walk up  to the school to pick up your children. Always use the crosswalk (YELLOW) to meet your children at the school and to safely walk back to your car. It is very important to teach your children to always use the crosswalk and to set a good example for them to follow.

     5.  The traffic flow in the parking lot is shown with (BLUE) arrows. Drivers are NOT to double park and load or unload in the (BLUE) arrow area. This impedes the flow of traffic and is VERY dangerous to our children. If you are along the curb in the loading and unloading areas (RED) and you are done loading or unloading your children, safely pull out following the (BLUE) arrows. If you are waiting for your children in the (RED) zone and the car in front of you has left, please pull forward so additional cars behind you can park pull up to the loading and unloading zone.

     6.  Following the (BLUE) arrows, proceed forward with caution toward the crosswalk (YELLOW) where an adult crossing guard will help the students to and from the parking lot. Please watch for their instructions on whether to stop or proceed with caution.

     7.  Please discuss with your children to ALWAYS use the crosswalk (YELLOW) rather than cutting in between cars. Drivers cannot always see the children as they dash between cars. Please remind your children to always stop and look both ways before crossing when using the crosswalk (YELLOW) and to proceed with caution.

Bates Students Who are Walkers Procedures for 2016-2017

    1.  Students are to stay on the sidewalks (GRAY) at all times. There are two areas in front of the school on 3100 N. where there are (YELLOW) lines to safely cross the street. These two areas have crossing guards at them. They are at 900 E and again at 1050 E. Please remind your students to always cross with the crossing guards.

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