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Below are some frequently asked questions compiled to help give you information regarding how school will be operating this year. Please note that this information is up to date as of August 20, 2020, but is subject to change at any point as more information becomes available. 


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Q-What will school hours be?

A-Weber School Board voted at this time to reduce our day by 45 minutes to take care of sanitation allow time for teachers to upload content to Canvas, grade assignments, and answer emails. CLICK HERE FOR OUR SCHOOL SCHEDULE

Q-Can I volunteer at the school?

A-At this time, we are not permitting volunteers. We will let you know when this changes. 

Q-Do students have to wear masks?

A-Yes. This is our information from the state and WSD clarifying that information


On July 17, 2020, the Utah Department of Health issued a State Public Health Order that stated, "Each individual, including an employee, student, or visitor, on school property or on a school bus shall wear a face covering..."

The order defined a face covering as, "...a cloth mask that covers the nose and mouth without openings that can be seen through, a face shield, or similar covering that covers the nose and mouth."

Following this order, the district purchased thousands of face masks and face shields. We also received a donation of 5,000 face shields, and a shipment from the state of an additional 4,700 shields and 11,700 KN95 masks for employees.

On Friday, August 14th, the Utah Department of Health issued a new State Public Health Order clarifying the requirements for face masks in schools. The order stipulates that every individual must wear a face mask on school property and, "face shields may only be worn without a face mask when the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication..."

We realize many parents, students and employees have acquired face shields and were planning on using them as an alternative to face masks.  Under the new order, face shields can not be used as a substitute for face masks unless specific exemptions apply (For example, a child who is hard of hearing and an IEP is in place).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are obligated to follow the State Public Health Order as we prepare to reopen our schools next week. It's also essential that we do everything we can to protect our students and staff from exposure to COVID-19.

For more information on the public health order, go to:

Q- What will recess look like? How many will there be? Will the playground equipment be open or closed? Can kids play with balls and toys at recess? 

A- In many ways, recess will look similar to what students are used to, with some variations. There will be a morning and lunch recess for all students. Afternoon recess may look different because school will be dismissed 45 minutes early. Teachers may choose to take their classes outside for an afternoon break rather than an afternoon recess, or teachers who have earlier lunch times may be able to fit in an afternoon recess. The playground toy will remain open, as long as the health department tells us it’s safe. Students will not be required to wear face coverings at recess, and will be encouraged to socially distance as much as possible. Students will sanitize hands before and after recess. Equipment will be available by each grade and will be sanitized after recess usage. Due to the contact football involves, we are unable to have students play football at this time. 


Q-What is the plan for specials such as art, music, P.E., library? 

A-Students will still have four “special” rotations once a week; library, P.E., art, and one extra rotating class based on needs (computer skills, character education, etc.). Library and PE will have students rotate but for the other rotations teachers will go to the student classroom. Classes will then switch after one hour to minimize the amount of students in the hallways. 


Q-Are kids going to be punished/reprimanded for not following distance/mask rules? 

A- Our focus will be on educating students rather than punishing them. Teachers will offer gentle reminders and help children get into a routine of wearing a face covering. If a student is intentionally non-compliant, school administration will contact parents and they will work together.


Q-What materials will the kids be sharing or not sharing?

A- As much as possible, students will not share materials. Each student will have their own supplies available to them to use each day. If there is an activity where supplies need to be shared, such as a learning station, supplies will be sanitized between uses.


Q-Can children bring water bottles to discourage use of drinking fountains? 

A-As always, children are encouraged to bring water bottles. Drinking fountains will be available, but when possible, students should use personal water bottles to slow the spread of germs.


Q-What is the procedure to inform parents if there is an exposure? 

A-Every school has a Point of Contact Person (POC), ours is our school nurse. If a positive case is reported, the POC will work with the local health department on contact tracing. If a student has been exposed for longer than 15 minutes, that student’s parent will be notified. The POC will be unable to disclose the name of the person who has tested positive, but will let parents know that their student has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19. The exposed student will then need to self-quarantine for fourteen days. Family members of the quarantined students do not need to quarantine unless the student develops symptoms, or tests positive for COVID 19. For more information, please see the State COVID 19 School Manual at


Q-Are children going to be confined to their specific classroom/desk for most of the day? 

A-No. We are committed to helping students be normal kids as much as possible, which means that movement and changes of scenery will happen regularly. Students will leave the classroom for recesses and lunch and will have special rotations to the library and PE once a week. Individual teachers will also take frequent breaks with students taking them outside as often as possible. 


Q-Is group work allowed, like reading groups? 

A- Teachers will do their best to utilize group work as much as possible under appropriate guidelines and will also use methods such as “turn and talk” to help students engage with each other regularly throughout the day.


Q-Is there going to be a blended model of learning available for those families who want it? Some in person some at home- 

A-Weber School District has released their 2020-2021 learning options framework. It can be accessed at:


Q- What is CANVAS and how does it work? 

A- CANVAS is an online learning management system. Each student and parent will be given a login to CANVAS. Once in CANVAS, students can access information from their teacher including instructional videos and assignments. Teachers will be working to supply work to students through CANVAS who choose either a short term flexible or long-term learning option. Weber School Districts Tech Department is putting together a video that will go into more detail about how students and parents can access CANVAS. 


Q-Will kids be able to check books out from the school library? 

A-Students will still attend library weekly, and yes, they will be able to check out a library book. Students will be allowed 1 book a week. Books will be quarantined for 72 hours upon return before they are put back on the shelf. Students will be discouraged from handling books they do not plan to check out. 


Q-Will we be able to send home lunch to school? 

A-Yes, students may bring home lunch. Parents will not be allowed to bring outside lunch to students during lunch time (i.e. Little Caesars or McDonalds).


Q-Where will students eat lunch?

A-Students will mostly eat in the lunchroom. Because students will not be wearing masks while eating their lunch, they will need to be socially distanced. We will have fewer students seated at each table. Depending on the size of a grade, students will rotate eating outside on the grassy area by our lunchroom with supervision, as much as the weather permits. When this is not an option, they will eat in a classroom.

Students will need to wear face coverings in the lunch line. School lunch will not be self-serve as it’s been in the past. Lunch workers will hand students lunch. 


Q-Chinese immersion? Will kids still change rooms or will teachers change rooms? 

A-Because of the importance of the cultural aspect of the Chinese Immersion Program, students will change classrooms as they have in years past. All shared items, including shared desks and chairs, will be sanitized in-between changes. 


Q-Is it ok if kids wear masks other than what the school provides so they can be washed frequently? 

A-Yes. Students are welcome to use any appropriate mask face covering. 


Q-What if a child loses their mask? Or shows up to school without it? Will the school have extras on hand? 

A-Yes, the school will have extras available for use. Parents are also encouraged to keep several extra face coverings in their student’s backpack for such occasions. 


Q- Is there an option for parents who want their kids to attend but for medical reasons want their kids to be exempt from face covering?

A-Yes. Students who are unable to wear masks for medical reasons will need to contact and work with the Principal.


Q-How do the teachers feel about returning to school? 

A-Teachers are excited to get started! Our teachers want to see your kids and get back to normal as much as possible.


Q-Do kids need to have their faces covered during the entire school day? Will they ever get a break from the mask?

A-Students will not need to wear face coverings all day. During periods of the day when they are outside, and when social distancing is possible, students will be able to remove face coverings. Face coverings do not need to be worn at recess, outside at PE, or while eating lunch. 


Q-What school supplies can I donate?

A-An email was sent home earlier this summer which states:  We sent supply lists at the end of the school year, but as some of you have already heard, we have chosen not to publish supply lists due to the unique circumstances of this year. Although households should never feel obligated to provide school supplies, we realize some families may still wish to help us by donating supplies to be used at school. Any items you choose to supply will be distributed generally for the benefit of students at Bates. Common items that may be donated include:

Crayons (24 count)

Glue sticks

Expo brand skinny black markers (used in classrooms with student whiteboards)

Headphones/Earbuds for Chromebook use (1st through 6th)

Hand sanitizer


Paper towels,

Clorox or Lysol wipes


You can also make a monetary donation to go towards school supplies through the school,  WSD Foundation,  or Bates PTA:

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