Community Council Minutes January 4, 2017

Community Council Minutes
January 4, 2017

Community Council Members in Attendance
Naomi Trammell Deby Pippin Kitty Barney
Keri Fidler Stacy Harris Amber Booth
Marlisa Lund Jinny Marker Shamae Koer
Jamie Marsh Angela Citte

Community Members:

Roger Snow

Jill Ramage

Emily Snow Marjean Swanson
Justin Bailey Julie Simmons
Bonnie Wallace Sheryl Thompson

Meeting conducted by Naomi Trammell.
Welcome & Call to Order – Naomi
Review of previous minutes - Keri Fidler
     *No changes were requested to November’s minutes.
     *Thank you to Bonnie Wallace for posting the minutes and Council information.
School Updates – Council Members:
     *Dibels testing tomorrow
     *Choir starts on 1/23. Band will be combined with North Ogden Elem @ NOJH.
     *Fight the New Drug will be 2/1 @ WHS.
     *One Book One School is going well. Students are excited about My Side of the Mountain.
     *White Ribbon (Internet Safety) starts this week.
Review on current plan; successes and improvements - Council
     *Naomi asked how is it working?
     *Discussion about PLCs, Technology issues and concerns
     *How are we improving with the goals we make?
     *Kitty recently completed a teacher survey on Survey Monkey to assess the success of PLCs and CLAP time.
           -Kitty can bring the results to next meeting.
           -Every teacher loves PLCs.
           -Discussion about how does that planning/prep time improve student success.
     *Suzie North is working with a student to track student improvement from the computer portion of CLAP.
           -How can we analyze the data to see if the computer portion is helping?
                    --Kitty can get current data from Suzie.
                    --SAGE testing won’t really show how the typing is helping.
                    --Would likely be measured in improved word per minute speed.
                    --Bonnie said her class sees the results by having more teacher instruction time.
     *Marlisa stressed the importance of coming up with concrete ways of determining whether the programs we are funding are improving student success.
     *Discussion about ways we would measure each area.
          -Trust Lands wants a 3% improvement in each area.
     *Roger talked about the importance of regular checks to assess data.
           -This should be done in common formulated assessments not just summative assessments.
           -Currently being done as part of PLCs.
           -There is always room for improvement. How can we improve this process?
     *Marjean pointed out that Kitty is giving teachers time to do breakouts during PLCs.
          -Kitty paid for substitutes so teachers could work with other grades for PLCs.
          -This was the first time this year for this process, but Kitty would like to do it quarterly.
          -This improves collaboration between the teachers and grade levels.
          -Roger Bailey from the District trained on RTI (Response to Intervention)  techniques. Sixth grade is currently doing a great job with this.
Current Trust Land Spending Report:
     *Kitty prepared a current spending report. The budget for the reading aides has exceeded the plan by approximately $2,500. The school fundraiser proceeds will cover that overage.
     *Fine Arts budget is on track.
     *Technology budget was helped thanks to a generous donation from the PTA.
     *The PTA will cover $2,500 toward the least of one set of Chromebooks. Thank you PTA.
     *PTA will also be covering 2 field trips per grade for this year.
Grade Level Priority Lists:
     *Marjean presented the information on behalf of Charlotte.
     *Discussion about needs, goals, implementation and ideas for programs.
     *All grades wanted aides and technology.
     *Discussion about Chromebooks. Fourth grade currently uses the set that was purchased outright by the school. This set has issues and is not fully operational.
     *Angela shared that the reading aides do a lot of planning to help specific students improve reading. It can be hard on the aides and the classrooms when the aides are pulled to be substitutes.
     *Roger pointed out the importance of aides in reading interventions.
           -Discussion about volunteers vs. aides vs. substitutes.
           -Money is best spent on trained aides to improve student outcomes.
           -All schools are facing a major substitute shortage.
           -The budgetary formula for aides is $2,500 for 1 hour/day
           -Naomi asked the council to consider the wish list when determining funding priorities.
                       --CLAP and reading aides
Rough draft of fund allotment for 2017-2018 year:
     *Anticipated approximate $45,000 funding
     *$5,000 for two sets of Chromebooks ($2,500 lease on current set, $2,500 to lease a new set)
     *$1,400 for a new computer cart
     *$38,600 for Art, Computer, and Reading Aides
     *Trust Lands prefer to have a professional development piece, so the PLC aides will cover that.

Other Items:
     *Roger asked about a large grant from the Foundation. Kitty can apply for a large school grant from the Weber School Foundation. In the past this grant has been received every three years and may be approximately $5,000.
     *Jamie asked about student fees. Elementary schools require free education and schools are not allowed to charge fees, or request/track specific donations.
     *The school is always looking for more A-C leveled readers. If anyone were able to make a donation, it would be appreciated.
Discussion about nominations for 2017-2018 council members.
     *Will elect at least 4 new parents each year.
     *Julie Simmons will take the lead on the voting process by sending an email requesting nominations and explaining the election process.
     *Nominations for parents April 10-21
     *Voting for parents April 24-May 5
     *Nominations for teachers April 12-April 19
Training Opportunity: 5th Annual Conference & Training of the Utah Association of School Community Councils (UASCC). Thursday, January 12, 2017, 4:00-8:00pm (check in 3:30-4:00). Highland High School 2166 S. 1700 E. SLC. Participants will have opportunities to receive focused training and connect with council members over a complimentary dinner. Register online:

Meeting Adjourned.

     *Kitty Barney:
          -Present school events/updates at next meeting.
          -Bring current year trust land spending report to next meeting.
         -Bring teacher survey results and computers assessment to next meeting.

         -Present school events/updates at next meeting.  

        -Present school events/updates at next meeting.
        -Julie to prepare election information.

Upcoming Community Council Meetings: March 1 @ 3:00Other meetings may be scheduled as necessary.