Meeting Minutes September 6, 2017



Cassie Lindberg

Holly Stowers

Ashley Marks

Justin Bailey

Stacy Harris

Steve Turner

Marlisa Lund

Julie Simmons


Max Barker

Marjean Swanson

Charlotte Harp

Sheril Thompson

Shamae Koer

Bonnie Wallace

Laura Wright


Welcome and introduction

Viewed video regarding the land trust, funds, and school council

Voting for chairs occurred; outcome was:

Chair: Steve Turner

Vice-chair: Charlotte Harp

Secretary: Justin Bailey

Reviewed 'Rules of Order and Procedure' as previously used

Rules adopted unanimously

Reviewed current plan - Laura Wright

Reviewed goal #1

We have a VISTA aide this year helping with push-ins, attendance for children having attendance issues and help with the counselor.  Our VISTA aide is Monique Marsh.  (Monique is also a parent here.)  Discussion on whether we can have the same VISTA aide from year to year for continuity.

Also discussed the homework communication folder and whether all grades are using them.

Reviewed goal #2

Reviewed goal #3

Total expenditures expected based on the plan is $72,608

Total estimated funding provided to Bates for 2017-2018 is $71,608

Estimated carry over from 2016-2017 is $2,867 

Discussion about asking for teacher input for discussion of use for the upcoming plan as well as if additional funds are available.

Also discussion about age of core classroom technology (projectors, smart boards, etc)

Charlotte Harp to build a survey to send out to the teachers

Future meetings to be held at 3:30pm

Future meetings:

November 15, 2017--Review of student data

January 10, 2018--Discussion of school needs and plan for 2018-2019

March 7, 2018--Review of Plan

WSD Bond meeting on Thursday, September 21 @ 7:45am at Bates where the Superintendent will be presenting regarding the reasons for the bond