Community Council Notes September 5, 2018

Steve Turner
Eric Thomas
Julie Simmons
Cynthia Jacobson
Holly Stowers
Ashley Marks
Justin Bailey
Max Barker
Stephanie Coleman
Jill Ramage
Shamae Koer
Marjean Swanson
Laura Wright

Welcome and Call to Order-Steve Turner
Viewing of video regarding purpose of Trustlands 

Election of new chair-proposal made to elect Steve Turner by Julie Simmons and seconded by Holly Stowers
Election of Co Chair-proposal to elect Jill Ramage by Stephanie Coleman and seconded by  Marjean Swanson
Election of Co Chair-proposal to elect Justin Bailey by Steve Turner and seconded by Eric Thomas
Each person elected unanimously

Review of Rules and Order document--unanimously passed to not change current document
Review of plan for 2018-2019 school year reviewing each goal and budget amount. Any additional monies will be increased in aide budget. Discussion about future technology in school district with 1:1 devices. Ashley Marks shared what is happening at her junior high with 1:1 devices and learning. Bates hopes to be on board soon with 1:1
Information shared by Jill Ramage counselor regarding growth mindset focus of school for current school year. Suggestion made to explore parent night with Growth Mindset info. Miss Wright said she would check with PTA

Proposal made to adjourn meeting at 4:30.