November 6, 2018 Community Council Meeting Notes

Meeting Called to Order by Steve Turner

Steve reviewed the purpose of the council and the value of debate and discussion

Justin Bailey reviewed the previous meeting minutes from September 5, 2018

Discussion regarding 1:1 devices in classrooms as well as parental concerns regarding filtering; firewalls and filters are in place; differing filters for different age students

Miss Wright shared the security features and practices of the district that protects the privacy of students as well

Steve Turner motioned to approve the minutes, Jill Ramage seconded the motion and the motion unanimously carried

Miss Wright reviewed the community council goals and current results:

Miss Wright reviewed DIBELS growth requirement as well as performance; all greats > Kindergarten exceed state requirements; 4-6 grades are not required by the state; 60% in grades 1-3 reported to the state; we are waiting for the 2018 state, school district and school comparison data

SAGE assessments for individual students are available on the portal

Miss Wright shared challenges with students not staying focused for SAGE tests and simply clicking anything to answer the questions in the test

Miss Wright shared the SAGE data results from 2018 testing; challenges with grades where math or science are taught in Chinese as well as newer approaches to math; language arts and science appear to be areas of struggle for Bates students

Julie Simmons asked if the fourth grade would accept and use more parent volunteers; Miss Wright to present that to the fourth grade teachers

Cynthia Jacobson raised the idea that we may need better learning software for keyboarding skills; Miss Wright says the current software is old ~15 years?

Next meeting is January 9 to discuss school needs and begin the plan for 2019-2020

Following meeting is March 6th to review the plan and vote to finalize

Steve motioned to adjourn the meeting; Justin seconded the motion and the motion carried (4:20pm)