Community Council Minutes November 15, 2017

Community Council – Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2017


Council Members in Attendance:


School Staff

Community Members

Laura Wright – Principal -

Marjean Swanson – 5th Grade -

Charlotte Harp – 3rd Grade -

Sheril Thompson – Resource

Holly Stowers

Ashley Marks

Stacy Harris

Steve Turner

Marlisa Lund

Julie Simmons

Mindy Pendergast




  • Welcome & call to order -  Steve Turner


  • Review of Previous Minutes – Charlotte Harp filling in as substitute for Justin Bailey
    • Council members are required to review and approve minutes. We can do this by reading minutes at each meeting or reading them personally and approving them by email.
      • Council decided to send minutes via email and send confirmation email with approval
  • Follow up on Regional Council Training (on Nov.8th - Farmington)  given by Steve Turner
    • Our core goal is to address what funds will do to maximize student success.
    • We are an advisory committee, we do not have final say. District can veto our decisions.
    • Meetings are open to the public – public can put in ideas but council must vote on it
    • Digital Citizenship – cyber bullying info and classes given through the district
      • House bill 214
    • State average: $98 spent per student – Weber district is below average (about $94 is spent per student)
    • Trust land money is EDUCATIONAL based (i.e. desks would not be covered but projectors/smartboards would)


  • Teacher Survey Information given by Charlotte Harp
    • Reviewed graphs with teacher survey responses
      • Majority of teachers expressed interest in a personal classroom set of chomebooks
      • Other forms of technology were secondary to chromebooks (ipads, projectors, listening stations, etc.)
        • District is still supportive of ipads
        • Technology neds/demands differe by grades
        • Chromebooks  to rent (35 count) w/ cart is about $10,00- $13,00
        • Discussed the necessity of chromebooks
          • Do all teachers need it or would be usable?
            • Possible teacher training for those teachers who are not comfortable/less familiar with the programs
          • Chinese teachers? Do they need/have the same demands for the chromebooks?
            • Laura will be asking/checking up on that
          • Teacher chromebook usage – put together a survey to figure out how much teachers are actually using them/how much they would use them should they have access to their own personal set.
          • Projectors- getting older, needing updates. (projector is about $800)
            • Newer models of projectors have a longer lifetime
              • Bulbs are $35 per projector
              • Newer models use LED lights so they last longer
          • Laura will check with Mark Malan (Tech guy) to find out numbers of newer/older model projectors that are currently in school
      • Curriculum/materials came in third place.


  • Review of Student Data – Laura Wright
    • Laura introduced Data Pathways and discussed school scores on standardized tests
    • Last year plan reviewed by Laura: (Look to Data gateway for info)
      • Goal 1: literacy development and comprehension/fluency
        • DIBELS, push in groups, take home library
        • 47.8% growth state requirement K- 3 (DIBELS)
          • Bates average was 67.28% growth
          • Weber district average was 66%
      • Goal 2: Fine arts to provide PLC time for teachers
      • Goal 3: access to technology
    • School Grade:
      • 2 things factor:
        • How many students show growth vs. school proficiency
      • Bates has moved from a “C” to a “B” (only 7 schools in the district can be assigned “B”)


  • Other Items
    • Idea brought forth to hold a Parent technology night.
      • Discussed possible dates to hold technology night
        • January close to safety week - netsmartz
        • Possibly technology training for parents: emails?
      • Better advertisement for the trainings
        • Possible cone presentation for training- Laura will touch base with other principals in cone.
        • Idea: Send links to parents with the CIPA lessons
    • Parent help for math:
      • Links provided for parents to look at to get on and watch


  • Proposed meeting schedule for 2017 – 2018 school year
    • January 10, 2018 – Discussion of school needs and plan for 2018 – 2019 school year
    • March 7, 2018 – Review of plan & voting