Community Council Minutes Nov. 2, 2016

Bates Community Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Council Members In attendance:
Naomi Trammell Justin Bailey Stacy Harris
Marlisa Lund Julie Simmons Keri Fidler
Amber Booth Kitty Barney Bonnie Wallace
Deby Pippin Charlotte Harp Marjean Swanson
PTA Representatives: Amy Saxton Michellle Welling

Meeting conducted by Naomi Trammell.

Welcome & Call to Order – Naomi

Review of previous minutes - Keri Fidler.

Councils are required to review and approve minutes. We can either do this by reading the minutes at each meeting or by reading them personally and approving them by email. Reminded all council members to review the minutes after each meeting and send a quick yes to approve the minutes or add/change anything.

Amendment B – Keri Fidler
     *Reviewed this is a change in the wording of the current law.
     *Changes will allow the funds to be invested prudently, and will change                        allow schools to utilize more than just interest.
     *This change will likely result approximately $50K in additional funding to                   Bates over the next three years.
     *Please talk to friends/neighbors/family to encourage them to vote YES.

Follow-up on training at Bonneville High School on October 12, 2016
     *How to access Data Gateway and use the data to make Community                                    Council decisions to improve educational outcomes. 
(Click Here to View the Data Gateway Instructions)
     *Ideas for spending including aides and additional teachers.

Looking at Student Data – Kitty Barney
     *Kitty showed us how to look for growth.
     *3rd and 4th grades showed growth; 5th grade had 51% growth!
     *She stressed that although Bates received a ‘C’ grade, we should focus on the growth. Bates had a ‘B’ grade in the spring, but the bell curve changed that score. Lomond View was the only school in the district to receive an ‘A’ grade.
     *Our lowest area is Language Arts and the school is focusing on improving those areas by using a variety of programs to improve informational writing.
            -Naomi suggested using a drama program to help students make connections with different forms of text.
     *The school has focused on writing and math in past years and it has made a difference.

Identifying Bates needs - Council
     *Discussion about getting Scholastic or National Geographic reading materials.
          -Cost for these magazines is approximately $5/student
          -Kitty and Mindy Gifford applied for a $5K grant to purchase Mondo books.
          -Stacy asked if there is a benefit to informational texts used by the Mondo program.
          -Marjean said 5th grade has been accessing free reading materials online.
      *Chromebooks are a huge help, 5th/6th grades would like another set as they cannot use the computer lab and it is challenging to share the set they have.
          -Discussion about computer lab being used for Keyboarding, Imagine Learning, and Chinese typing.
     * PLCs – this time allows teachers to work with grade-level team, vertical grades, and other schools to assess and address educational needs for the grade.
          -Teachers unpack core requirements and determine teaching plans.
         -Aides – add another aide for the immersion classes (this would be 3 total aides for these classes)

Review current plan, successes, improvements, and budget - Council
     *Take home library books were purchased
          -A-C leveled readers: Mindy Gifford purchased 20 books for $8, and 2 sets were donated.
          -Still looking for more A-C leveled books.

 Naomi asked how is block system working? Teachers present indicated they love it.
     *Discussed concerns about immersion block missing recess.
     *Discussed concerns with 3rd grade not switching with even time on PLC days.

FAME – Naomi indicated that she would not likely be the coordinator next year.
     *Suggested that Community Council may look at funding blocks of time for an art program next year or if the school could fund this or a similar program.
     *Discussion about how would volunteers work in this program, but since they are alone with the class they need to be substitutes or aides through the district.

Discussion about funding from PTA/Bates/Community Council
     *Important to get Community Council, PTA, and School on the same page so we can all work together to provide funding for the areas of greatest importance.
     *Fun Run was very successful and discussion about going all-in on the fun run each year vs. having something tangible for the cost.
     *School Improvement Plan
     *Naomi suggested we consider breaking it out and determining who will cover which expenses if funding is available. For example, Community Council cover aides and Chromebooks, PTA cover fieldtrips and National Geographic, and school cover equipment.
     *Marlisa suggested teachers determine which expenses are highest priority: aides, equipment, books, etc. Reminded Council that it is important to keep all spending within the approved budget.
     *Kitty and Charlotte will work with teachers to make sure lists of priorities are up to date and will bring the grade lists to next meeting.
     *Once we map out priority funding, we can educate the parent community about what money is needed and how it will be spent.

Review of final report for 2015-2016
     *Keri clarified which budgets paid for each expense
          -Reading, Keyboarding and FAME - $37,121.04
               -Trust land funding covered $34,000 as per approved plan, the remaining $3,121.04 was paid for out of school fundraiser funds.
          -General Supplies and books - $3,246.80
               -Trust land funding covered $1,023.50 for Nicky Folders, $500 for
               -FAME supplies, and $823.39 for library books. *Budgeted $2,500
          -Technology - $18,987.10
               -Trust land funding covered $12,000 toward technology as per plan.
               -Smith’s, Lee’s, and Kiwanis’ funding covered $5,500, with the remaining costs from school budgets.
     *Kitty will bring current year spending report to next meeting.

Discussion about how many council members will be elected.
     -Will elect at least 4 new parents each year.
     -Nominations for parents April 10-21
     -Voting for parents April 24-May 5
     -Nominations for teachers April 12-April 19

Discussion about Parent Technology Info Fair
     -November 30, 2016
     -Lynn Raymond and Nick Harris will present.
     -Kitty will invite cone to the event
     -Will promote topics for presentation
     -Parents encouraged to email questions

Kitty thanked the group for attending and for serving and for working on such an important committee.

Naomi moved to adjourn the meeting. Keri seconded that motion.


Kitty Barney:  
     -Work with Charlotte and bring grade-level priority lists to next meeting.
     -Invite cone to the Technology Info Fair
     -Bring current year trust land spending report

     -Come prepared to share ideas and discuss funding priorities
     -Attend Council Training on October 12, 6:00-8:00, at Bonneville High School

Upcoming Community Council Meetings: January 4, (possibly mid-Feb.) and March 1.

All meetings will be held at 3:00 in the FAME room. Other meetings may be scheduled as necessary.

Naomi motioned to adjourn. Keri seconded the motion.