Community Council Minutes Sept 7, 2016

Bates Community Council Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
In attendance:
Naomi Trammell, Emily Tree, Stacy Harris, Marlisa Lund, Amber Booth, Amy Saxton, Kitty Barney, Julie Simmons, Bonnie Wallace, Deby Pippin, Charlotte Harp, Quinn Henderson, Sheril Thompson, Shamae Koer, Marjean Swanson, Jamie Marsh, Keri Fidler, and Roger Snow.

  • *Meeting conducted by Naomi Trammell.
    *Welcome & Call to Order – Naomi
    *Nominations and voting for School Community Council positions.
         • Naomi described positions up for vote
         • Marjean nominated Naomi for Chair, Bonnie seconded the nomination.
         • Marlisa nominated Keri for Secretary, Marjean seconded the nomination.
         • Nominations for Marjean and Bonnie for Co-Chair were discussed and declined. Naomi nominated Charlotte for Co-Chair, Marjean and Bonnie seconded the nomination.
  •      • Council voted unanimously to approve positions.  Quinn Henderson presented on HB 213 and Safe Technology Utilization.
         • This program provides safety measures and education for digital citizenship.
         • Discussed web filtering, device and desktop management, and the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
         • Internet trends and safeguards are closely monitored by the district.
         • District uses iBoss, firewalls, Kiddle, safe search, and among other resources to provide these programs and teach digital literacy.
         • Discussed ways to incorporate the learning in the classroom and to communicate with parents to reinforce topics at home.
         • Naomi reminded the group that Community Councils are responsible to provide this digital citizenship, and we are grateful that the district and PTA provide this. Discussion about Chromebooks for every student in the district. Quinn said the goal is for every student in the district to have a Chromebook within five years. Bates will
    coordinate with district to determine what grants/funding opportunities are available. Kitty will follow-up on this with district.
  • Adopt Rules of Procedure
         • Discussion about system currently used – Parliamentary Rules
         • Marlisa moved to adopt current system, Keri seconded the move. Council voted to approve rules. Discussion about proposed council meeting schedule.
         • Currently scheduled to meet 11/2/16, 1/4/17, and 3/1/17.
         • Discussed option to add an additional meeting in February.
         • Council will discuss February meeting time in January.
  • Discussed school assessment data.
         • Data is currently sequestered but will be available on September 15.
         • Review information at
         • Testing standards were adjusted after the testing because too many schools received A and B grades.
         • It is important to recognize the growth even if grade hasn’t improved.
         • Much of this growth is attributed to push-ins. Great news with all but one kindergarten student at benchmark.
         • Council members encouraged to contact legislators and school board members to let them know we do not agree with the change in testing standards.
  • o Justin Fawson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    o Senator Alan Christensen  Senate District #19  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  801782.5600
    o Congressman Rob Bishop  801.625.0107

  • Kitty led a discussion on plan for current year.
         • We received approximately $5,000 in additional funding. The additional funds will be spent according to the Increased Distribution section of the plan. This will likely include         adding additional aides for reading push-ins to due to the large class sizes in Mrs. Booth & Mrs. Wallace’s classrooms.
         • The district purchased 6 access points that the community council planned to purchase.
         • School still needs 2 access points for 1st grade hallways, and needs to purchase 3-4 replacement projectors.
         • Discussion about changing the verbiage on Goal #3. Marlisa moved to change working to replace technology equipment and hardware. Naomi seconded the move. Council voted           to approve change.
  • Discussion about how many council members will be elected.
         • Council currently has 18 members.
         • The plan is to vote in four parents each year.
         • Council needs at least a two-parent majority.
         • Reviewed new rules to elect community council members. Bates already has the opportunity statement on the website. Bonnie will add parent interest form to the website.
         • Nominations for parents April 10-21
         • Voting for parents April 24-May 5
         • Nominations for teachers April 12-April 19
         • Voting for teachers April 20-May 10

  • Council encouraged to watch School Trust Lands video on website.  Kitty thanked the group for attending and for serving and for working on such an important committee.
    Naomi moved to adjourn the meeting. Keri seconded that motion.
  • Assignments:
    Ø Mrs. Barney:
         o Follow-up with district on grant/funding opportunities for Chromebooks, and digital licenses.
    Ø Council:
         o Watch Touch the Future on
         o Review
         o Attend Council Training on October 12, 6:00-8:00, at Bonneville High School

  • Upcoming Community Council Meetings: November 2, January 4, (possibly midFebruary) and March 1. Other meetings may be scheduled as necessary. *Meetings
    should be listed on newsletters to invite parents to attend.