Community Council Minutes March 2016

Bates Community Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

In attendance:

Shelly Harris

Kitty Barney

Amber Booth

Sharon Larson

Marjean Swanson

Naomi Trammell

Emily Tree

Alicia Blackard

Keri Fidler

Jinny Marker

Jamie Marsh

Angela Citte

Mindy Gifford

Meeting conducted by Naomi Trammell.

Welcome & Call to Order - Naomi


Approved minutes from January 6, 2016.  Naomi motioned to approve and Jinny seconded the motion.


Trust Lands Plan and Budget for Next Year. Bates will receive an ESTIMATED $50,055 for the 2016-2017 school year. This amount could change based on pending legislation. Council discussed each item on the proposed budget list.

*Access points ($4,200) – Eventually the school will need access points in each classroom. This funding will cover 6 access points including 4 in 1st grade, 1 in the reading room,        and one in Mrs. Harp’s room.

  • *Chromebooks ($2,800) – Kitty arranged a 4-year lease through the District. Leasing is still the best option because it is essentially the same price and includes upgrade/warranty. Discussion about wireless printing options including a printer in a classroom or setup to one of the other printers.
  • *Chromebook Cart & Headphones ($1,492) – This is a one-time purchase of this equipment.
  • *Keyboarding teacher/aide ($4,000) – This includes teaching for 1st-6th grades. Currently only teaching 2nd & 3rd grades, but teachers feel it is making a big difference.
  • *Reading push-in aides ($28,000) – Funding from state for reading could change, but should be ok. This program is working well and will continue.
  • *FAME/Art/Coordinator aide ($4,000) – Discussion about how to do FAME with the new proposed master schedule. Naomi reported that current FAME teachers prefer the longer time slot and dependable days/times. The proposed master schedule makes that challenging. Discussed concerns about how to make this work. Students love FAME and curriculum is working well. Council proposed hiring an art teacher/aide. Kitty said the budget would be reduced from the current year expense of $7,500 for FAME because we would not need as many subs. This would be part-time and could use some of the FAME program plans/materials.
  • *Art Supplies ($2,000) – Naomi applied for and received a PTA grant for the current year’s FAME program/supplies, but we do not have a grant for 2016-17. This budget will cover art supplies for FAME or art program.
  • *Reading Books ($1,500) – Reading books could be used for the leveled readers or library books. Lower grades are in need of more A-D leveled readers (baggie books) and pre-primer books. Mindy talked about options for decodable readers and read-with-me books. Consider doing a book drive for leveled readers or donations. There are some online resources for leveling books.
  • *Nikki Folders ($1,000) – These durable folders are helpful and the teachers want to continue using them to improve home communication. Discussion about reusing the folders.
  • PE Teacher/aide – Not funded by trust land funds.
  • Professional Development – Part of PLCs and not funded by trust land funds.
  • Dibels – Not funded by trust land funds.


Budget request of $48,929 was discussed and finalized. Naomi proposed the budget for approval. All present Council members in attendance approved the budget. Kitty will complete the online form. The completed request goes to Weber School Board, then the State. Council members will receive an email from Paula Plant to approve and sign. *Do not delete.

Master Schedule. Kitty outlined the proposed master schedule. Discussion about what will work and what may need tweaking, as well as ideas from other schools. Reading push-in times and resource will not interrupt the daily “power-hours.” PE/Computers/Library/FAME-Art will be T/W/Th during weekly PLC times. Kitty will let teachers decide how to organize the groups (fruit-basket approach, diving one class among the others, etc.)

Council would like a set time for assemblies so they don’t disrupt classroom learning. Some suggestions included:

  • Friday or Monday afternoon assemblies & make sure assemblies are relevant. Try to avoid over-marketing to students.
  • Immersion students at one assembly, non-immersion at another.
  • Assemblies in the gym on Friday right before and after lunch. (Three grades with late lunches could have assembly from 11:00-11:45, 3 early lunches could have assembly from 12:15-1:00).
  • Make consistent time to schedule reading push-ins.
  • Could hearing/vision/pictures be done at another time, such as back to school night?
  • Could Junior Achievement/Internet Safety, etc. be taught during Keyboarding or one of the blocks?

Kitty discussed school-wide problem with absent students. Bates has had over 4,200 absences in 123 days. This clearly impacts student learning. We can all work to educate other parents about the importance of keeping students in school. Discussed early release Wednesdays and other issues.


Carry Over – There is no funding to carry over.

What to do if legislature appropriates additional funding? If we receive additional funds, we will fund a variety of projects including access points. Kitty will include a broad statement including technology, reading instruction, and other educational support.


Upcoming Elections – Council will talk with parents to promote the Council and to find board nominees.


Naomi and Emily will decide if they want to be nominated again. Nomination period will be 4/11/16-4/25/16.

Ballot will be available for vote 4/26/16-5/10/16.

Faculty will vote for faculty members at a faculty meeting.



  • Naomi/Keri – Prepare email to send to parents soliciting Council participation/nominations.
  • Council – Consider and talk to parents who are interested in being nominated to serve on Community Council. Review and sign email sent from Paula Plant to approve our Trust Lands Plan.

Meetings for next year will follow the current schedule. Meeting will be held on Wednesdays at 3:00. Dates: September 7, November 2, January 4, and March 1. Other meetings may be scheduled as necessary. *Meetings should be listed on newsletters to invite parents to attend.

No other items to discuss.

Marjean moved to adjourn the meeting. Naomi seconded that motion.