January 23, 2019 Community Council Meeting Notes

1-Welcome-Steve Turner

2- Review of Previous Minutes-Justin Bailey

Minutes reviewed and motion to approved by Steve, motion seconded by Cynthia

3-Overview of Current Budget-Laura

2018-2019 started with $78,290; additional monies added up to $82,753

Projected employee costs for trust land funded employees: $66,000

Folder Costs $1000

FAME supply budget: $200 of $500 used so far

Technology costs for current leases of 3 labs: $12,399

Technology replacement costs so far: $2,849.24

Total: $82,688.24 ($75 under budget to funds)

4-School Needs for next year-Laura

Maintenance of existing levels for Chromebook leases, folder purchase, and aide staffing

5 -Discussion of school needs, budget, and plan for 2019-2020

2019-2020 expecting an 11.5% increase + adjustment to student count brings estimated funds to: $93,220

A YoY increase of $10,467

Discussion of use of 1:1 at Orion as well as concerns regarding technology use

Discussed leasing an additional new 2 carts of 42 chromebooks (84 total) with next year's funds

Next meeting on Wednesday, March 6

Discussion regarding right-sizing class sizes with immersion in the older grades

Motion to end the meeting raised by Steve Turner

Motion seconded by Julie Simmons